Maverick Mixtapes: Sam Hillmer

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For Maverick Mixtapes, we asked musicians from different musical backgrounds to curate an hour of music that they deemed best fit the ideal of an "American Maverick." Today's featured musician is saxophonist and composer Sam Hillmer, of the Brooklyn-based avant jazz groups Zs, Hubble and Diamond Terrifier.

"Here is some music by a bunch of weirdos whose music makes retailers minds melt. How can they sell it?  What bin does it belong in? EVERYTHING MUST GO!  In a bin...  The first 5 are bros and sis' of mine that I either am hanging with, or have hung with and whose work has been super paramount in the shaping of my notion of binless music (I pride myself on hanging with mavericks!).  The 6th and final contribution to the playlist is that of Mayo Thompson... Total weirdo royalty, the front man behind the Red Krayola! Behold!" -Sam Hillmer.


Weasel Walter/The Flying Luttenbachers - Rise of the Iridescent Behemoth
Mick Barr/Ocrilim - Annwn Pt. 7
Arrington Di Dionyso/Malaikat dan Singa - Tenga Halusinasi
John Fell Ryan/Excepter - Jrone (Three)
Sarah Lipsate/Noveller - Almost Alright
Mayo Thompson - Dear Betty