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Saturday, March 17, 2012

The finale of Khovanshchina at the Met (Ken Howard/Metropolitan Opera)

Mussorgsky's Khovanshchina returns to the Met after a 13-year absence with a Russian and Georgian cast that includes Olga Borodina, Vladimir Galouzine, Ildar Abdrazakov, Anatoli Kotscherga, and George Gagnidze. Kirill Petrenko conducts.

The story of rival factions of religious fundamentalists struggling for control of a nation's soul and political destiny in the 1600s, it features massive choral scenes along with brooding monologues. Some commentators have suggested it may have contemporary resonance in this American election year.


Conductor: Kirill Petrenko
Marfa: Olga Borodina
Andrei Khovansky: Misha Didyk
Vasily Golitsin: Vladimir Galouzine
Shaklovity: George Gagnidze
Ivan Khovansky: Anatoli Kotscherga
Dosifei: Ildar Abdrazakov

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concetta nardone from Nassau county

Thank you Mr. Eisenberg. This opera has some nice music but I am not too used to the Russian language. Enjoying it nonetheless but this is not an opera I would take with me should I ever be exiled.
Thank you Beduzza Cavanaugh for your nice words.
Happy spring to all. As Sigmund sings in the first act of Die Walkure, Armed with gentle weapons, spring conquers the world.

Mar. 17 2012 02:14 PM
larry eisenberg from new york city

Though bel canto is my first choice,
Khovanshchina deftly employs
Mussorgsky's best skills,
It soothes many ills,
And wonderful voices deploys.

Mar. 17 2012 01:20 PM

Whoa buddy. If u had ears u could tell that Brunhilde is not for Debbie. As for the Met's brass, allow me to clarify. The conductors have a nasty habit of holding back the brass even tho the score calls for ff playing. Perhaps if u read my previous blogs on Debbie I decried what happened to her at Cov. Gar. & that was outrageous but also had a detrimental effect on her voice. I didn't knock the Met's brass, I what them to be allowed to play the score as written & not muted. If u heard Debbie in the 1st two perfs. of Gotter. u would know what I mean. When Dalayman replaced her in the 3rd perf. she hit all the notes. But, then again, I am spoiled by the curse of Nilsson, having heard her many times in the Ring. Also, take a Valium to reduce your fervor. BTW only my Beduzza Concetta can call me Beduzza bec. we had many wars & became fast friends. 'nuff said !!!

Mar. 17 2012 12:32 PM

Beduzza Cavanaugh writes:"I am waiting for Siegfried. Hopefully, they'll find someone who can sing Brünhilde (no offense to Debbie). Maybe they can find the brass section before that opera."

Well wait just a moment! I believe that perhaps Ms. Voigt might just take offense at this. It sure sound as if you meant to give offense -- wlse why qrite it? And as for the Met brass, please pointy me in the direction of any orchestra in the world whose brass section plays so consistently well, and with equal tonal beauty. There may well be an occasional blip -- but ya know what? In the history of Western music there has likely NEVER been a note-perfect performance. Human beings are fallible, and Wagner operas are notoriously "big blows" for the brass -- particularly the horns. I guarantee that the fiddles will blay a wrong note or three as well -- except you will bever notice those. Do consider the many thousand of dead accurate notes that get played in your average pperformance!

Mar. 17 2012 07:07 AM

Cara Beduzza. Again, this is not my cup of tea but you take all the enjoyment you can get from this work. I am waiting for Siegfried. Hopefully, they'll find someone who can sing Brünhilde (no offense to Debbie). Maybe they can find the brass section before that opera. Can't wait for next yrs. Verdi/Wagner bi-centennials. Until Siegfried, enjoy, keep your vineagar tart & sharp. All my best.

Mar. 17 2012 01:13 AM
Liz Hubbell from New York City

Saw the opening night of this. Don't miss it. The music is consistently wonderful and the singing superlative. Anatoli Kotscherga, who was making his debut the night I saw him, is amazing, with clear diction and very expressive. Borodina was in the best voice I had heard her in some time. DOn't give up on the complex plot. This one's a keeper!

Mar. 16 2012 01:18 PM
concetta nardone from Nassau county

Beduzza Cavanaugh,
Hope you are well. Do not know this opera but heard an orchestral selection this morning. Very nice. Will check out this opera.
Best wishes

Mar. 16 2012 11:23 AM

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