Listen Now: Oneida and Rhys Chatham

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On Saturday, March 17, two long-running forces of New York City's underground music scene -- psych-rockers Oneida and legendary left-field composer, guitarist and trumpeter Rhys Chatham -- came together for a set of new works co-written by Chatham and Oneida that walk the line between punkish instrumental rock, film noir-esque musings, free jazz and explosions of intense noise rock.

A major figure of New York City's 1970's-80's "No Wave" scene, Rhys Chatham's marriage of contemporary classical composition (he studied with both Morton Subotnick and La Monte Young) and punk (in 2005, he wrote a piece for 400 electric guitars) left a strong impression on such groups as Sonic Youth and Glenn Branca, sealing Chatham's reputation as a cult-like figure of the "rock avant-garde."

The Brooklyn-based ensemble Oneida has been a mainstay of the NYC scene for over 15 years. Their music, often incorporating extensive periods of improvisation and meditative minimalist rhythms, draws from such disparate styles as krautrock, electronic music and noise rock.