Mad Men and Working Women

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Working in New York City isn't easy. In fact it can be the stuff of high drama in movies and TV. As "Mad Men" returns for a new season Sunday night, host David Garland presents soundtracks from the show, as well as other dramas set at least in part in the New York workplace.

From the bizarre comedies ("Putney Swope") to the darker dramas ("The Apartment"), the ups and downs of employment are given musical accompaniment by some of Hollywood's finest composers.

Note: This half-hour show will air at 9:30 pm, following WQXR's live Orpheus broadcast


Adolphe Deutsch - The Apartment - Office Workers (They Want You Upstairs) - United Artists

David Carbonara - Mad Men - The Men of Sterling Cooper, Carousel - Lionsgate Records

Charley Cuva - Putney Swope - Intro, End Music - Fortune Teller Press

Thomas Newman - Revolutionary Road - Route 12 - Nonesuch

Bernard Herrmann - The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit - Prelude, The Children's Hour - Varese Sarabande