Maverick Mixtapes: Owen Pallett

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For Maverick Mixtapes, we've asked musicians from different musical backgrounds to curate an hour of music that they deemed best fit the ideal of an "American Maverick." Today's featured musician is composer, violinist and songwriter Owen Pallett

"I'm choosing Van Dyke Parks because to my ears he is the spiritual godson of number-one American Maverick Charles Ives. If I were to turn this into a thesis, I'd argue that as Ives was steeped in marching band, spirituals and concert hall music, Parks' ears are captured by mid-to-late 20th century stuff -- including but not limited to calypso, ragtime, 60's rock and psychedelia.

"Adding to his 'maverick' status, this hilarious fecundity, extreme chromaticism, unreserved emotionalism and embrace of moods others would find cheesy; lyrically, an ironic but sympathetic commentary on Americanism.

"Though Parks works solely in the recorded medium and usually under the umbrella of 'pop,' his music is difficult enough to challenge and delight any listener." -Owen Pallett


Donovan - “Donovan's colours” (cover by Van Dyke Parks)
Van Dyke Parks  -  "Sweet Trinidad"
Van Dyke Parks - "The Eagle and Me"
Harry Nilsson - "He needs me" (arr. by Van Dyke Parks; from Popeye soundtrack)
Inara George with Van Dyke Parks - "Rough Design"
Van Dyke Parks - "Palm Desert"
Van Dyke Parks - "An Invitation to Sin"
Van Dyke Parks - "Datsun Commercial"
Van Dyke Parks - "Ode to Tobago"
Sam Phillips - "Wasting my time" (arr. by Van Dyke Parks)
Louis Singer, Hy Zaret - "One Meat Ball" (perf. by Ry Cooder, arr. by Van Dyke Parks)
Van Dyke Parks - "Out on the rolling sea when Jesus speak to me"
Van Dyke Parks - "The All Golden"
Van Dyke Parks - "Money is King"
Van Dyke Parks - "Dreaming of Paris"
Van Dyke Parks - "By the people"
Van Dyke Parks - "Opportunity for Two"
Van Dyke Parks - "The Four Mills Brothers"