James Newton Howard's 'The Hunger Games' and More

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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Some of James Newton Howard's earliest credits were as a pianist and arranger for pop star Elton John. But in the mid-1980s Howard began composing for films, and new facets of his music were revealed. Throughout his film scoring career, he's shown an affinity for drama, creating just the right moods and colors for a wide range of films, from small-scale movies like "Snow Falling on Cedars" to blockbusters like the current hit "The Hunger Games."

Howard's ongoing collaboration with director M. Night Shyamalan, which includes "The Village," "Signs" and "Lady in the Water," has resulted in particularly creative scores. David Garland presents music from these films and others with scores by James Newton Howard, including "The Fugitive," "King Kong," "Green Lantern," "The Dark Knight" and more.

Below: James Newton Howard with Hilary Hahn on "The Village" score:

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John from Florida

Great show, David!

Thanks for featuring the music from "Blood Diamond". It is a great film (and certainly a great score), and one that I feel is often overlooked by many people.

Apr. 02 2012 01:21 AM
David Garland

Thanks for your thoughts, Peter! You've convinced me to give "The Village" a try. I haven't yet done a show on Mark Isham, but you can listen to my show with Alberto Iglesias (who joined me in the WQXR Studio) here:

Good luck with your filmmaking!

Mar. 31 2012 10:16 PM
Peter from Brooklyn

I love your show David. I can't believe I didn't know about it before. I wish it were on every night. I am, for what it's worth, a filmmaker - one who has taken a lot of inspiration for my work directly from music - and an avid collector of film music. I just bought Bernard Herrmann's score for Hitchcock's "Vertigo" last week (about time!) and was about to play it when your show came on... As for tonight's topic, Howard has I think done some great scores though I don't know him that well. Coincidentally – you mentioned ongoing director-composer collaborations – M. Night Shyamalan was very influenced by Hitchcock. And I heard shades of Herrmann on some of what you have played tonight. Shyamalan is for me a bit of a guilty pleasure. I like certain of his films for rather personal reasons (such as "Signs", which is set in the rural Midwest, where I grew up). "The Village" has a brilliant conceit but you wind up feeling the rug has been pulled out from under you. I do think he is a talented director – but he tends to get in his own way. Everything he has done is, as far as I'm concerned, flawed, but most of it still somehow worth watching (except for "The Happening" which was horrible; I have not seen Lady in the Water or the Last Airbender). Filming a compelling and believable story though is A LOT harder than some might think, and I respect him for what ha has been able to achieve. He's famous for his 'twists', which for me can frustrate as they render the last hour and half you have been watching void of the meaning you had invested in them. Or something...

I would love a show on Mark Isham, or Alberto Iglesias. Maybe you have already done so... Anyway, thank you for a great show David.


Mar. 31 2012 09:51 PM

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