Chasing Claire

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This week on the New Canon, we explore the beguiling territory of Terrestre, flutist Claire Chase's second solo disc, in our latest Q2 Music webcast premiere, in which we stream a new album in its entirety.

Claire has an impeccable ear for music and setting, and the whole of this album paints a varied landscape between glacial movements and birds in flight. Terrestre features Chase in partnership with members of ICE (for the world-premiere recording of Kaija Saariaho's title track), pianist Jacob Greenberg (Franco Donatoni's Fili and Boulez's Sonatine) and clarinetist Joshua Rubin (Elliott Carter's Esprit Rude/Esprit Doux). She rounds out the album with a solo bass flute work, and the album's other world premiere recording: Dai Fujikura's Glacier.

But before we move into that, we have a rousing first hour with music from Jonny Greenwood and Frederic Rzewski. The former comes from a hot new Nonesuch album that pits Greenwood's music against that of his musical idol's, Krzysztof Penderecki. From that we'll hear Greenwood's response to Penderecki's Polymorphia, a work written based on brain-wave chart responses to another Penderecki piece. The resulting 48 Responses to Polymorphia plays on that piece with fresh insight and playful reverence.

Following that, we'll turn our ears to a recent reissue by pianist Ursula Oppens of Rzewski's equally revolutionary The People United Will Never Be Defeated, an apt re-release on the Piano Classics label given our charged social times.