Behind the Scenes at a WQXR Live Broadcast

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Whether it’s outside of the Carnegie Hall recording studio or in the control room of the Greene Space, I find what happens behind the scenes of a live broadcast can be just as thrilling as what goes out over the airwaves or video Webcast.

So, for 48 hours I followed the people — the WQXR producers, engineers, Greene Space staff, on-air host and the musicians — involved with our recent live broadcast of the chamber ensemble The Knights from the Greene Space.

I’m always amazed at the controlled chaos (how does everyone stay so calm?) that happens in the days or hours before a live broadcast. This one was especially hectic as we flipped the venue’s layout to accommodate the more than 40 musicians in The Knights — the largest ensemble we’ve ever had in the Greene Space.

Here’s a look behind the scenes at a WQXR live broadcast: