From Massive to Miniscule

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In my recent bout of studio recording, I coerced a fantastic organist friend of mine into working on a crazy 1980s Yamaha insane thing, pictured here.

It was born the year that I was and is, well, quirky to say the least. As I watched my friend make his way around this instrument, drawing out weird and wonderful sonorities, it occurred to me that "the organ," in an of itself, as old an instrument as it may be, is, well, technology. Essentially, working through the electrically-produced vocabulary on the Yamaha organ is the same process as exploring registrations and mixtures and other organ-y orchestrations. Not to mention, the organ is a massive mechanical structure capable of ACOUSTICALY producing sound which can literally fill and ENTIRE CATHEDRAL. Right??

This week we'll make our way through some stunning organ works, focusing on its ability to produce sounds massive and miniscule. There will be Olivier Messiaen, obviously, but also David Lang and Nico Muhly and a ton of surprises. Tune in and crank up the subs for the earth-shaking organ!