Returning To The Source

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Without question Arnold Schoenberg is one of the great composers of the twentieth century. Many would argue, in fact, that musical modernism began with his music. This week on Hammered! we hear the composer's five incomparable piano works alongside the music of composers he may -- or may not -- have impacted.  

Monday's show traces this influence in a very specific, pedagogically familial way, with music first by Schoenberg (his opus 11 Pieces for piano performed by the inimitable Maurizio Pollini), then by one of Schoenberg's pupils -- the great American modernist Leon Kirchner -- and finally by one of Schoenberg's pupil's pupils, in this case John Adams, a student of Kirchner. We'll hear, in addition to opus 11, Kirchner's First Piano Concerto (with the composer as soloist) and Adams' Eros Piano.  

The rest of the week will begin with Schoenberg -- the opus 19, 23, 25 and 33's -- followed by complementary works by Steven Stucky, Luciano Berio, Igor Stravinsky, Milton Babbitt, John Harbison, Jaques Hetu and many others.