Offenbach's The Tales of Hoffman

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Saturday at the Opera returns with the Lyric Opera of Chicago's performance of The Tales of Hoffman. Recorded in October, this is Jacques Offenbach's first and last grand opera, with Matthew Polenzani in the title role.

If ever a man was unlucky at love, it’s Hoffmann, the wild-eyed poet who travels the world in search of the ideal woman and ends up thwarted by villains at every turn. First, he’s smitten by Olympia — but discovers she’s nothing more than a mechanical doll. Then, he falls for Antonia, a fragile songstress who’ll die if she sings — and regrettably for him, she does both! Finally he’s seduced by Giulietta — but the treacherous courtesan casts him aside. Impossibly beautiful music (including the famous Barcarolle) combined with flamboyant theatricality


Hoffmann   Matthew Polenzani
The Four Villains  James Morris
Olympia   Anna Christy
Antonia   Erin Wall
Giulietta   Alyson Cambridge
Nicklausse   Emily Fons
Four Servants   Rodell Rosel
Spalanzani   David Cangelosi
Crespel   Christian Van Horn

CONDUCTOR:  Emmanuel Villaume
STAGE DIRECTOR:  Stéphane Roche
CHORUS MASTER:  Michael Black

APPROX. LENGTH:   3 hours 45 minutes