All in the Timing with Wergo, Hilary Hahn, Hauschka and More

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This week on the New Canon, we help German label Wergo celebrate 50 years of groundbreaking music with a handpicked selection from their 5-disc, commemorative box set, Music of Our Time, featuring music by Nono, Stravinsky, Schnebel, Stockhausen and Cage. It's our album (or, rather, albums) of the week.

And speaking of time, we're exploring this week the concept of time—and all its manifold incarnations—in music. There's the millennium-in-a-minute work Derive 1 by Boulez, which was recently recaptured brilliantly for Naïve by the Ensemble Orchestral Contemporain.

We'll also hear a new track off of violinist Hilary Hahn's latest album, recorded with pianist Hauschka and produced by Valgeir Sigurðsson, which was totally improvised in the studio giving the work a spontaneous feel but a glorious polish.

After that, we move into denser works by Kaija Saariaho and Sofia Gubaidulina, both of which were written as part of larger diptychs (Saariaho) and triptychs (Gubaidulina) but nevertheless stand solidly on their own with mountains of sound and epic scopes.