Let me tell ya 'bout the birds and koalas

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Greeting from Sydney! I'm having a glorious time upside-down. I've never before been to Australia and I've been living it up at the opera house! It's an unbelievably rad building. Not only is it gorgeous, but there's a lovely community vibe backstage, probably due to the extensive green room/cafeteria area where all sorts of people get to hang out and make merry.

In addition to professional-type activities, I've had a bit of time to explore the area, and thus far my favorite tourist activity, hands-down, has been the zoo. To get to the zoo, you can take a ferry from the harbor near the opera house. This is cool not only because boats are awesome, but because it increases the impression, on approaching the zoo, that you are in fact actually approaching Jurassic Park. Once there, I saw boatloads of Australian things (KOALAS) and various marsupials (which are way more numerous than I anticipated?) and tons, TONS of birds. An additional Jurassic Park-like element to the zoo approach is that the birdsong in Australia is way different. To my ears, it just feels exotic.

Composers have been inspired by birdsong most likely for as long as... well, forever. It's sort of your go-to natural musical concept. While there were tons of birds at the Taronga zoo with amazing songs, these crazy dove-things caught my ear for their interesting take on post-minimalism. Just kidding (kinda). 

This week, we'll explore just some of the composers over the past 100 years who were inspired by birdsong. Yeah, Messiaen, but that is just the TIP of the iceberg. Tune in from 11-1 weekdays to see what I mean!