Vivaldi's L'Oracolo in Messenia from Krakow

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In pasticcio opera, a libretto is set using existing musical numbers -- sometimes all by one composer, and sometimes by several -- creating a new work while exploiting proven materials. That’s what Fabio Biondi, director of Europa Galante, has done for the new edition of L'Oracolo in Messenia, using music by Vivaldi, along with arias by several of his contemporaries, including Geminiano Giacomelli and Johann Hasse. The result is a work in an authentic style, created in a manner to which 18th-century audiences were well accustomed.

World of Opera host Lisa Simeone presents Europa Galante's world premiere production from Krakow's Karol Szymanowski Philharmonic Hall. The stars are mezzo-soprano Laura Polverelli, as a prince returning home to find his father murdered and his homeland a shambles, with tenor Magnus Staveland as the tyrant who caused the calamity, and mezzo-soprano Julia Lezhneva as the oracle who bravely predicts the eventual outcome.


Conductor: Fabio Biondi

Epitide: Laura Polverelli (mezzo-soprano)

Polifonte: Magnus Staveland (tenor)

Merope: Ann Hallenberg (soprano)

Trasimede: Julia Lezhneva (mezzo-soprano)

Elmira: Romina Basso (mezzo-soprano)

Licisco: Franzisca Gottwald (soprano)

Anassandro: Xavier Sabata (countertenor)