Traveling Music, A Man Out Of Time

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This has been one of the raddest years for me in terms of travel, as well as one of the weirdest years yet in terms of time travel. I've spent more days on planes this I ever have before, and as such more hours in suspended animation, more hours in a rosy, unplugged, in-between state which demands the consumption of novels and movies and music and snack boxes. 

Traveling playlists, in my experience, are best when slightly comfort-tinged. When you are literally unhitched to a time zone, when 5am is just all of a sudden 7pm, media choices can seem confusing and poignant. I, famously, once wept on a plane to the thespian tour de force that was Lindsay Lohan's Herbie: Fully Loaded, and as such am a bit cautious about what I choose to experience aloft. In the past month, I've soothed myself twice to Glass 9 on repeat for over an hour on the plane's entertainment system as I navigated confusing sleepy hours of time travel.

Road trips demand and entirely different approach to media, as one must AMP ONESELF UP and get IN to the process. These are really fun playlists to assemble, and summer road trip playlists are pretty much the epitome of road trip playlists. For the record, Harmonielehre works when jacked up to super-human volumes and accompanied by ones own raucous chirp, as do the opus 59 Beethoven Quartets and also Moondog.

Self-propelled trips of a shorter variety are a different can of worms. A crazy long walk demands some contemplative stuff, maybe The Well-Tuned Piano in its entirety? Definitely this is the means of conveyance for thorough, whole-album listening. Nico Muhly's Seeing Is Believing is a really good one for an extended jaunt into the deeper parts of ones borough.

What music to you like to travel to, and in what context? What helps ease the craziness of time travel or propel you at high speeds through the night or at moderate ones through the afternoon?