Philly Pops Seeks to End Conductor's Contract

Tuesday, June 12, 2012 - 05:37 PM

Peter Nero, conductor Peter Nero, conductor

The Philly Pops wants to get rid of the artistic director who has been its leader for more than three decades, saying his contract is too expensive.

The request filed Monday before a federal bankruptcy judge calls Peter Nero's contract "simply too economically burdensome."

The orchestra says it's searching for a replacement and will use guest conductors to save money.

Nero's attorney tells The Philadelphia Inquirer that his client isn't the problem, the new board overseeing the Philly Pops is. Albert Ciardi says Nero will fight the move.

The Philly Pops filed for bankruptcy protection simultaneously with the Philadelphia Orchestra, its financially troubled parent organization. They have since split and a bankruptcy judge has scheduled a June 28 confirmation hearing for The Philadelphia Orchestra's reorganization plan.


Information from: The Philadelphia Inquirer



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Greg from NJ

I can't believe they would ever think of getting rid of Peter Nero. He is the Pops. I thought, when he decided to retire, they would try a very smooth transition over a season or so to try and keep the audience. If they get Peter out quickly, and in an ugly fashion like this, they'll lose the audience and be out of business. They deserve to be out of business if they go this route. Peter Nero is a class act and deserves better treatment than this. He also deserves to get a high salary. Greg

Jun. 17 2012 08:27 PM
Truthserum from Philadelphia, PA

To violinhunter: Compared to what "classical" conductors get paid for emptying out the concert halls, the Philly Pops (started by Nero in 1979) is getting the bargain of the century. The Philly Pops WAS living within it's means until the new Board President stacked the Board, got himself elected CEO as well, and then grabbed close to a $100,000 salary for himself. Tell the CEO (who is extremely wealthy and knows nothing about running an orchestra) LIVE WITHIN HIS MEANS. Please.

Jun. 14 2012 10:47 AM
Michael Meltzer

Peter Nero is/was a famous man, and in the days when pianists were frequent guests on late night TV, Nero often delighted audiences.
I would think some smart promoter would revive his image and take the Philly Pops national, both as a touring orchestra and on TV. He's being paid a lot because he's talented and charismatic. Use him correctly!

Jun. 14 2012 01:40 AM

I don't see why the Pops should be stuck with a high-priced conductor. Where's the logic in that? The number one rule of economic stability is LIVE WITHIN YOUR MEANS. Please.

Jun. 13 2012 01:01 PM

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