Strauss's Ariadne auf Naxos

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High and low art come head-to-head in one of Strauss's most frequently-staged operas.

The richest man in Vienna is throwing a party. For entertainment, he is presenting a tragic opera depicting the story of Ariadne, followed by a song-and-dance show performed by a comedy troupe. When time grows tight, however, the host demands that the opera and the comedy show be performed at the same time, much to the dismay of the opera's impetuous young composer.

This production by the Lyric Opera of Chicago stars Amber Wagner as Ariadne, Anna Christy as Zerbinetta, Alice Coote as the Composer, and Brandon Jovanovich as Bacchus.


Ariadne                                 Amber Wagner

Zerbinetta                             Anna Christy

Composer                             Alice Coote

Bacchus                                Brandon Jovanovich

Music Master                          Eike Wilm Schulte

Harlequin                               Matthew Worth


CONDUCTOR:                      Sir Andrew Davis

STAGE DIRECTOR                John Cox


CHORUS MASTER:               Michael Black


APPROX. LENGTH:            3 hours