Video Made The Radio Star

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Probably as a result of sitting on the couch at age twelve or so for HOURS soaking in music videos from MTV and VH1, music and video will forever be tied together for me. From a quick glance across the landscape of new music promotional materials, I know that I am not alone in this connection. Classicalmusicvideos (I’m inventing a German word for them) are more and more common, and they’re getting really, really good!

This week’s Q2 Music Album of the Week is Michael Mizrahi’s The Bright Motion. In advance of its release, Michael made available online a brief video of the first movement of the title track. I love this video!


This week on my show, we’ll look at pieces that have either been adapted visually (like the Mark Dancigers above) or incorporate a visual element in performance. With MTV being pretty much devoted to shows about alcoholic pregnant teenagers, it seems like the internet is the home for the marriage of audio and video. Do you think internet-only videos like these make the music more engaging? Are these videos gimmicky? I’m including many recent favorites in this post, but share your own in the comments!