Speak Out: Share Your Passion for New Music

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The lifeblood of any radio station is its hosts. Here at Q2 Music we strive to present hosts who are active, knowledgeable, charismatic and active in today's classical music world, but right now we're looking for the next generation of hosts, people who are open-minded, hungry and passionate about turning people on to new music.

You might be or might know one such person.

If you fit the bill and live in the New York area, send us a demo of your hosting a three-piece show of music. Introduce the recording you’re about to play, and tell us why we should care, what insights you bring to it, whether historic, anecdotal or personal. Then set up the next two pieces similarly. Take us along with you; give us, the listeners, reason to continue listening.

We provide one of the pieces below, but we ask that you select the other two, choosing from music that should find a home on a station about discovery, living composers and electrifying new music. 

Piece One: ‹Your choice›
Piece Two: Gavin Bryars’s Jesus’ Blood Never Failed Me Yet
Piece Three: ‹Your choice›

Once you're ready, please send us a few sentences about yourself, along with the show (without the music) as an .mp3 to q2newmusic@gmail.com or as a CD to the following address:

Q2 Music Hosting
WQXR Radio
160 Varick Street
New York, NY 10013

Happy hosting, and we look forward to hearing from you! We'll be accepting demo tapes through Sunday, September 23