Journey into your Soul

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This week’s show explores the concept of memory through music. Take this Saturday to attend an all-expense paid trip through your mind, with Terrance McKnight as your captain and All Ears as your vessel.


We hear a few compositions incorporating jazz elements. Wynton Marsalis’ Jubilo (The Scent of Democracy) is typical of the Harlem Renaissance era and is a great example of this sound. Other compositions evoke worry and awareness of impending doom, like a summer storm rolling in over the horizon.

In the Introduction and Allegro composed by Maurice Ravel, its structure is reminiscent of childlike times wild with imagination, conjuring memories of a favorite cartoon. Then, Philip Martin’s Union takes us to dark places, not often visited by choice, but definitely necessary to the development of self awareness. We hear selections from Veljo Tormis's Men’s Songs, a piece with  military-like precision and cohesion. It flows into your psyche and you have no choice but to fall in line and adhere to its march.

Others on the episode influencing instinctual drive include Bela Fleck and Edgar Meyer, kings of improvisation in their composition Palmyra, as well as Meredith Monk's haunting New York Requiem.



Michala Petri: Variations on “Mads Doss’ (Danish Folk)

Michala Petri, recorder; Lars Hannibal, guitar/lute


Variations on "Mads Doss"


Wynton Marsalis: Jubilo (The Scent of Democracy)

Lincoln Jazz Center orchestra; Robert Sadin, conductor; Wynton Marsalis, trumpet




Maurice Ravel: Introduction and Allegro

Tokyo String Quartet; Nancy Allen, harp; Ransom Wilson, flute; David Whifrin, clarinet


Introduction and Allegro


Philip Martin: Union

Louis Moreau Gottschalk, composer




Robert Schumann: Papillons, Op. 2

Murray Perahia, piano




Carter Pann: Differences (For cello and piano)

David Ying, cello; Elinor Freer, piano




John Lewis: Odds Against Tomorrow

Willis Delony, piano


Odds Against Tomorrow


Randall Thompson: Choose Something Like a Star

Harvard University Choir; Murray Forbes Somerville, Conductor; Erica Johnson, organ


Choose Something Like a Star


Veljo Tormis: Men’s Songs: Selections

Svanholm Singers; Sofia Soderber Eberhard, conductor

Toccata Classics

Men's Songs :Selections


Bela Fleck and Edgar Meyer: Palmyra

Bela Fleck, banjo; Edgar Meyer, double bass




John Corigiliano: Fantasia on an Ostinato

Andrew Russo, piano

Black box

Fantasia  on an Ostinato


Meredith Monk: New York Requiem

Meredith Monk, vocals; Harry Huff, piano


New York Requiem