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For me, a serial weeper from a long line of weepers, curtain calls are perhaps the most consistently moving element of performances. I'll have had a completely tear-free evening of string quartets or singing or acting when all of a sudden there's crazy applause and we the audience are on our feet and I am a total wreck. A good kind of wreck.

I kind of wonder if this is why I am so fascinated by music; at its best, it can allow many people to experience similar emotions at the same time. This is incredibly powerful! This is also why, for me, music, theater and dance have always held a little more sway than visual art and writing. The former types of art are temporal, the latter revisitable, revisable, intimate. While I am totally MAD for certain books, there's sometimes part of me that's frustrated I cannot experience them at the same time as someone else. I am DYING to share the experience of the insane comic genius in, for example, Cintra Wilson's Colors Insulting To Nature in concert with a friend, although I know that this book probably wouldn't translate filmically at all. SADLY.

So I'm sure this is personality-based, this need to experience things at the same time as other people, but I feel like it's also a bit of that pack animal human instinct stuff. What use is art to us from an evolutionary point of view if not to bring us together? I feel like all of a sudden I am writing a paper for my 11th grade Art and Culture class, so I'm gonna stop myself right now and listen to some music on my own that I'll prolly tell you guys about later. Art! Etc.