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Thursday, July 19, 2012 - 04:55 PM

Beethoven Time Machine

Classical music fans, some with a little too much time on their hands, took to Twitter this week to participate in a challenge known as #classicalbands. The concept involves combining names of classical music performers or composers with bands of other genres. The Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto appears to have started the trend.

At several points on Wednesday afternoon, the #classicalbands puzzle became a trending topic, meaning that the tagged phrase rose above the Twitterverse's usual mix of news, spam, conversation and self-promotion.


Some highlights:   

Royal Conservatory ‏@the_rcm
Franz Liszt Ferdinand #classicalbands

Ronni Reich ‏@RonniReich
Bellini & Sebastian #classicalbands

OrchestraofSt.Luke's ‏@OSLmusic
Bright Ives #classicalbands

Lowell Liebermann ‏@Liebermannmusic
Creedance Clearwater Revivaldi #classicalbands

Gabriel Kahane ‏@gabrielkahane
Bon iVerdi #classicalbands #stevejobs

Orpheus Chamber Orch ‏@OrpheusNYC
St. Matthew Passion Pit. #classicalbands

Trudi Chandler ‏@Trudski2012
Debussycat Dolls

Royal Conservatory ‏@the_rcm
Bachstreet Boys #classicalbands (@backstreetboys)

Toronto Symphony ‏@TorontoSymphony
Stevie Ralph Vaughan Williams #classicalbands

Daniel Davidzon ‏@thedanield
Lynyrd Bernstein #classicalbands

Elizabeth Bowman ‏@lizziebowgirl
Rage against the Machaut #classicalbands #oldschool

Toronto Symphony ‏@TorontoSymphony
Arcade de Falla #classicalbands

Daniel Davidzon ‏@thedanield
Bob Mahler and The Wailers. #classicalbands

IMG Artists New York ‏@IMGArtistsNY
Neutral Milk Hummel #classicalbands

Harmonia Mundi ‏@harmoniamundi
Belle and Sebastian Bach #classicalbands

Joe Guarr ‏@jguarr
The Pet Chopin Boys ‪#classicalbands

Orpheus Chamber Orch ‏@OrpheusNYC
Sigur Róssini. ‪#classicalbands

Orpheus Chamber Orch ‏@OrpheusNYC
Modest Mussorgsky Mouse. ‪#classicalbands

Royal Conservatory @the_rcm
Insane Clown Debussy ‪#classicalbands‬ (@icp)

Daniel Gilliam @danielgilliam
The Holst Steady #classicalbands


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