Eastern Tides

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This week on the New Canon, we look at our current album of the week — a two-track EP by pianist Lisa Moore and composer Donnacha Dennehy called Stainless Staining — plus some new releases and historic reissues with an Eastern European flair.

The Irish Dennehy's music orbits around repeated ideas and phrases, heard to a galvanizing effect in the title track but to a more rippling quality in Reservoir, which was inspired by a Bill Viola work in which a person is gradually submerged in water. You hear Lisa Moore submerge herself in the music, the chords building up in volume, but you also hear the spread of the water as she often swims to the keyboard's furthest reaches.

We hear similar aquatic qualities in another solo keyboard work, Mily Balakirev's Piano Sonata in B-flat minor, recorded for Mirare by Etsuko Hirose. And continuing in that Russian vein, we also get a taste for Stravinsky's Symphony in C in a historic reissue by the Czech Philharmonic under Vaclav Neumann.

While we're kicking around Eastern Europe, we also return to Musique Funebre, a recording primarily consisting of Bartók's music by Dennis Russell Davies and the Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra for ECM, heard on last week's program. New tracks from Beata Moon and Poul Ruders also enter into the current.