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Part of listening to contemporary music these days is exploring the musical tributaries resulting from a single body of music, tracing lines of influence to larger, more expansive pools and discovering unexplored oases along the way. This week we consider the new and unfamiliar, offering keyboard music never before heard on Q2 Music by known and yet-known composers alike. 

Anchoring the programs Monday, Wednesday and Friday is a parsed hearing of American composer George Flynn's three part, two-hour masterpiece for piano, Trinity, a collosal and immense work to be deservingly placed alongside the equally epic piano cycles of Sorabji and Messiaen. The three-part Trinity was written over 25 years (the final part completed in 1993) and deals quite explicitly in its three portions ("Kanal", "Wound" and "Salvage") with themes of war, loss and annihilation.

Not for the faint of heart, this piece is nevertheless truly one that must be heard to be believed.

In addition to this new-to-Q2Music colossus, we have smaller works by a number of composers new to the Q2 rotation. Monday and Tuesday we have music from recent Juilliard graduates Nathan Shields, Wei-Chieh Lin and Reinaldo Moya, in addition to piano works by Wolfgang Rihm and Jacob Druckman (his masterwork, The Seven Deadly Sins).

Scattered throughout the remainder of the week are new entires from Carl Vine (his Second Sonata), Luciano Berio (Points On A Curve To Find, which is so, so awesome), and Magnus Lindberg (his knotty, exciting solo piano piece, Twine).

A week full of Q2 Music premieres that is not to be missed. What do you think of the Flynn?!