Be Part of a World Premiere: Phil Kline's dreamcitynine

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On Friday, August 3 at 6:30 pm, 60 percussionists will disperse throughout around Lincoln Center Plaza to perform a live, world premiere performance of Phil Kline's dreamcitynine, an homage to John Cage's Indeterminacy. The performance, led by the percussion ensemble Talujon, is in celebration of the iconic composer's upcoming centennial.

To take part in this special live version, blast Q2 Music through the WQXR app, use the dreamcitynine iPhone or Android apps, or download the stories as one file from the top of this page, burn them to CD for your boombox or upload them to your laptop, smartphone, tablet or MP3 player and bring them with you on August 3.

Dreamcitynine consists of 60 enigmatic and arresting one-minute stories from such luminaries as Bill T. Jones, Jim Jarmusch, Meredith Monk, Philip Glass, among many others. The event is part of Lincoln Center Out of Doors and is the latest from Kline, the composer who gave us the outdoor boombox parade, Unsilent Night. You can stream or download any one of the 60 stories below.

Read a short essay from Kline below about the origin of his latest happening, and don't forget to hear Kline on Q2 Music when he returns in September for a new series of shows. 

Phil Kline on dreamcitynine:

When I was a Columbia student, I worked long and lovingly for the college radio station WKCR. One of the great resources we had there was an extensive library, full of arcane and wonderful things. It was there that I first encountered the Smithsonian Folkways recording of John Cage's Indeterminacy. It was one of the odder items we had, four LP sides containing 100 tiny stories written and read by Cage, to the blind accompaniment of electronica performed by David Tudor. I fell in love with the piece and have often over the years softly spoken the words "it was delicious" in Cage's voice as part of an ongoing meditation. So when Lincoln Center's Bill Bragin mentioned a piece that might commemorate the Cage centennial, I was drawn to make my own little treasury of randomly ordered stories, anagrammatically entitled dreamcitynine.

60 Sound-Art Stories