Ambroise Thomas' Mignon from the Grand Theatre of Geneva

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Soprano Diana Damrau in <em>Mignon</em> from the Grand Theatre of Geneva.

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Ambroise Thomas had already written 17 operas when Mignon appeared in 1866. Many of his operas were in styles reminiscent of other composers, including Rossini and Donizetti. But with Mignon, Thomas seemed to find a style all his own and it is one of the composer's most consistently successful dramas, along with his well-known setting of Shakespeare's Hamlet.

On World of Opera, host Lisa Simeone presents Mignon from Switzerland's Grand Theatre of Geneva. The stars are mezzo-soprano Sophie Koch in the enigmatic title role; soprano Diana Damrau as the vindictive actress Philine; and tenor Paolo Fanale as Wilhelm, the young man who wanders through nearly the entire opera before realizing he's fallen in love with the wrong woman. The production also features the Suisse Romande Orchestra with conductor Frédéric Chaslin.


Conductor: Frédéric Chaslin

Mignon: Sophie Koch (mezzo-soprano)

Wilhelm Meister: Paolo Fanale (tenor)

Philine: Diana Damrau (soprano)

Lothario: Nicolas Courjal (bass)

Frédéric : Carine Séchaye (mezzo-soprano)

Laerte: Emilio Pons (tenor)

Jarno: Frédéric Gonçalves (bass)

Suisse Romande Orchestra

Grand Theatre Chorus