Verdi’s A Masked Ball from Turin

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Verdi's <em>A Masked Ball</em> from the Royal Theater in Turin, Italy.

The original version of A Masked Ball so offended Italian censors that Verdi eventually picked up the whole story and moved it all the way to Boston. No matter where it takes place, the drama is bolstered by one of Verdi's most heartfelt scores, and an illicit love affair as passionate as you'll find in any of his operas.

This production comes from the Royal Theater in Turin, Italy.


Conductor: Renato Palumbo

Amelia: Oksana Dyka (soprano)

Riccardo: Gregory Kunde (tenor)

Renato: Gabriele Viviani (baritone)

Ulrica: Marianne Cornetti (mezzo-soprano)

Silvano: Marco Camastra (baritone)

Samuel: Antonio Barbagallo (bass)

Tom: Gabriele Sagona (bass)

Oscar: Serena Gamberoni (soprano)

Teatro Regio Orchestra and Chorus