The Pleasure (Notes From the Road)

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Airport Breakfast

When faced with a particularly lovely set of circumstances, say an amazing meal in an amazing place, a close friend of mine is wont to exclaim, "I have The Pleasure." This is a pleasure not in transition, it's an instant, almost a location of total contentedness. Sometimes you are able to kind of back up and notice loveliness. In theory, I think Instagram is meant to convey these moments? (ps @instagramwords) Or anyways, that's why I imagine people are always taking pictures of eggs.

I am involved in what is perhaps objectively a dumb travel plan, but something that is creating an unexpected pocket of comfort: I'm stopping over in Reykjavik for lunch on my way to England. The reasons have to do with nested flights and booking award travel and penalty fees, but the result is that I've had an hour-and-half nap on the plane from NYC and am now pretending it's tomorrow, which by the time y'all read this it will ACTUALLY be. GREETINGS FROM THE FUTURE. Or The Past or whatever.

But back to "The Pleasure." It's kind of softly raining here and about 63 degrees Fahrenheit and I have strong coffee and am soon to meet some favorite people and there is The Internet for free. I'm happy.  

When I was a little kid and I'd hear, say, the rad part of some Prokofiev Symphony (you totally know the part) I would constantly wonder, "Why didn't the guy just make a whole symphony out of this part?" Or as my autocorrect astutely put it, "this party?"  There are moments in music when things just sound SO GOOD. But kinda like these moments of "The Pleasure" in life, they are made more rad by their scarcity, more intense by anticipation. Well, except for minimalism; a ton of Einstein is just the best stuff forever and in a row. Which, I mean, is rad. 

I love that moment in a piece of music when things are just cooking. Personal favorites: 

Nico Muhly's Keep In Touch, bass drum entrance
Tchaikovsky's Souvenir De Florence the opening like eight bars (that piece totally starts in the middle)
Schumann Op 41, No. 3 the like trio of the second movement
"Spaceship" from Einstein on the Beach by Philip Glass

What are your favorites? Do you like to wait for these moments, or do you like them everywhere all the time?