Onwards and Upwards: Two Brand-New Shows

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So! The good news is that I'll be hosting two brand-new shows that will debut later this fall. The bad news is this is my last week of regular hosting hours. I'm gonna miss our regular time together each week! This has been, for the past four years (for those of you that have been with me since the WNYC days) such a massive part of my weekly routine! But onwards and upwards. We will be debuting two Q2 Music shows this season and I'd love your input on NAMING the things. You are smart people.

The first show will be about majorly-influential works from the past 150 years, with an emphasis on the latter half of that window. We're talking like Pierrot, Stimmung, that sort of thing. There will be GUESTS! And all sorts of fun surprises. What should it be called? Funprizes? Masterthings? Loveliness?

The second new show will feature a composer apiece and expand our composer intros concept. Whaddyou think: People Who Write Good? ComPortraits? Insights and Sound Bites? [Insert Witty Portmanteau]?

PLEASE HELP or the new shows will be called "The One About Pieces" and "The One About People."

In other news, I was just in London helping a friend record an album of organ music by Nico Muhly and what a lovely time that was! It was lots of organ and lots of eating at various versions of The Saint John which are restaurants and also lovage and snails and duck hearts heaven. Now I'm l in Switzerland and all I can think about is The Sound Of Music. I'm here to play on a fun series called Spotlights as part of the Lucerne festival and do you know what? Lucerne is Gorgebags. All lakes an mountains an stuff.

So yeah, I'll be back soon and I'm looking forward to resuming our conversation! In the meantime, help me with titles. PLEASE.