The Leonard Lopate Show (2002) and New Sounds with John Schaefer (1985)

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Among his many accomplishments, Philip Glass is known as a prolific composer for film. Today’s archival interviews feature the composer discussing his relationship with filmmakers, and the process of scoring a movie. First up is an appearance on The Leonard Lopate Show from 2002 about Glass’s work on Koyaanisqatsi. Then we jump to an episode of New Sounds with John Schaefer from 1985, in which the composer talks about scoring Mishima.

Each day at 6 pm during Music of Constant Change: A Philip Glass Festival, Q2 Music will be airing archival interviews from across the iconic composer's many visits to New York Public Radio. For a complete schedule of historic Philip Glass interviews, visit here.

Other episodes for this 6 pm feature include:

September 4: New, Old and Unexpected with Tim Page (1978)
September 5: Survival Kit with Leonard Lopate (2003) and Around New York with John Schaefer (1995)
September 6
: Meet the Composer with Tim Page (1985)
September 7
: The Leonard Lopate Show (2007, 2008)
September 9
: Soundcheck with John Schaefer (2002)

Audio courtesy of the New York Public Radio Archives.