The Leonard Lopate Show (2007, 2008)

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Among his many appearances on WNYC, Philip Glass has been a frequent guest on The Leonard Lopate Show. Today’s archival interviews from 2007 and 2008 showcase several conversations with the composer, and cover a wide range of topics from working with choreographers to the release of the Glass Box retrospective CD set. 

Each day at 6 pm during Music of Constant Change: A Philip Glass Festival, Q2 Music will be airing archival interviews from across the iconic composer's many visits to New York Public Radio. For a complete schedule of historic Philip Glass interviews, visit here.

Other episodes for this 6 pm feature include:

September 4: New, Old and Unexpected with Tim Page (1978)
September 5: Survival Kit with Leonard Lopate (2003) and Around New York with John Schaefer (1995)
September 6
: Meet the Composer with Tim Page (1985)
September 8
: The Leonard Lopate Show (2002) and New Sounds with John Schaefer (1985)
September 9
: Soundcheck with John Schaefer (2002)

Audio courtesy of the New York Public Radio Archives.