Poll: What Would Help Troubled American Orchestras?

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Later this week, WQXR will devote the latest installment of our music-industry debate series, Conducting Business, to the troubles facing several major American orchestras.

No recent fall concert season has approached with so many ensembles in such serious fiscal straights as we're seeing at the moment. Delayed or even cancelled fall seasons may result. Consider:

  • The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra stopped paying musicians and locked them out of its facilities after increasingly ugly contract talks reached an impasse. 
  • The Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra has canceled its first two weekends of performances after contract talks with its musicians union broke down Saturday.
  • The Minnesota Orchestra and the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra, two Twin Cities ensembles with rich histories, are both staring down projected multi-million dollar deficits and tough contract talks with musicians. 
  • And the San Antonio Symphony reports a $1 million deficit and no contract with its musicians.

While there are, of course, plenty of orchestras in solid financial health, this confluence of trouble spots has been hotly debated on blogs and elsewhere. In advance of our podcast we'd like to get your thoughts on US orchestras. Take our polls below by clicking on one of the blue buttons