The Metropolis Ensemble Presents Youth Works

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Electronic musician Ricardo Romaneiro (left) and  conductor Andrew Cyr (right), of the Metropolis ensemble.

On May 19, 2012, the Metropolis Ensemble, conducted by Andrew Cyr, presented its inaugural Youth Works public performance, celebrating the creative self-expression of New York City inner-city children. Students worked with composers Robinson McClellan and Matt Mclean to write pieces inspired by everything from their experience in school to the neighborhoods they call home. 

The compositions featured students from multiple programs: The Reciprocity Foundation, Kaufman Center's ComposerCraft and LREI's Young Composers and Improvisors Workshop. The result was a set of compositions as unique and diverse as the students themselves, ranging from neo-classical pieces to works that combined elements of hip-hop and jazz.

The program was book-ended with works combining spoken word and music, featuring students reading original texts over music performed by the ensemble. Both pieces (Reciprocity Suite written by Students of the Reciprocity Foundation and TEAK Suite written by Students of the TEAK Foundation) presented complicated response to the question "Where are you from?"


Students of the Reciprocity Foundation: Reciprocity Suite

Sofia Belimova: Nine Emotions

Mai Brown: Untitled

Abe Gold: Alphabet Soup

Kyrie McIntosh: The River

Paris Lavidis: Augmented Second Avenue

Zachary Detrick: Selections from Chamber Symphony

Izzy Rael: Opening Ceremony

Daria Richman: Springtime

Bella Reid: The Chronicles

Julia N. Meltzer: Flight

Lola Picayo: Entering Exit 9

Brad Balliett with students of the TEAK Foundation: TEAK Suite

Through the support of Con Edison and (Le) Poisson Rouge, the proceeds of this live-recorded concert benefited the Outreach and Education wing of Metropolis Ensemble.