The Surprising Sounds of 'Looper,' with Composer Nathan Johnson

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The movie "Looper" gives us a science-fiction action-thriller strong on character and setting, with an intricate time-travel plot. To score the unusual film, composer Nathan Johnson created a virtual orchestra of mechanical and industrial sounds, combined that with unconventional percussion, and even used a few familiar instruments. "Looper" is the third movie Nathan Johnson has scored for his cousin, writer/director Rian Johnson, after earlier collaborations on "Brick" (2005) and "Brothers Bloom"(2008).

Nathan Johnson joins David Garland to talk about creating the amazing sonic world of "Looper," to present highlights from his score, and to describe how the collaboration with his cousin Rian dates back to when they were kids.

"Looper" Score Preview - Part I:

"Looper" Score Preview - Part II: