Living For The Live Performance

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Central to the Q2 Music mission is offering -- for free -- live concerts from New York City's most prestigious and adventurous venues by the most accomplished musicians performing today. This week on Hammered!, in coordination with our Fall Pledge Drive, we hear highlights from our vast archive of live piano performances.

Where else can you hear -- for free and on demand -- live concerts from the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center, the Keys To The Future Festival, the White Light Festival, and countless recitals and ensemble performances everywhere from Carnegie Hall to (le) Poisson Rouge to Roulette and beyond? Seriously, think about that.

While you do, tune in this week for live piano performances from those festivals and many more, including the MATA Festival, the New York Philharmonic's CONTACT! series, and the Bang On A Can Marathon

What's doubly crazy is that the live performance draw of Q2 Music is only a sliver of what we offer, saying nothing of the hour-to-hour hand-picked music selections, knowledgeable and enthusiastic hosts, live webcasts, immersive festivals, composer interviews, performer profiles and more, all because we believe in the necessity for and accessibility of a rich contemporary music community. 

What's it mean to you, loyal listener? We hope enough to pledge a little support, by far the largest portion of our funding. Be a part of our community and help sustain all the things that define Q2 Music.