Beethoven String Quartet Marathon

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On Sunday, Nov. 18 starting at 12 pm, hear all of Beethoven’s string quartets in a special day-long marathon at The Jerome L. Greene Performance Space.

The Orion Quartet, the Amphion Quartet, the Attacca Quartet, the Jasper Quartet and other notable Beethoven interpreters perform.

Last year’s piano sonata marathon was one of the highlights of Beethoven Awareness Month. This year's marathon is webcast live on (the video player is below) and broadcast on WQXR.

Midge Woolsey (morning) and Bill McGlaughlin (evening) host this year's marathon.

Below is the full schedule:

Starting at 12 pm and continuing throughout the day, the marathon mixes and matches Beethoven's early, middle and late quartets. Those wishing to attend the performances can purchase a day pass; two-hour passes are sold out.

Note: The live stream has concluded for The Beethoven String Quartet Marathon. The performance has been archived in it's entirety.


Program and Performers

12pm - Program One - SOLD OUT

Afiara String Quartet - Quartet No. 1 in F Major,  Op. 18, No. 1

Amphion String Quartet - Quartet No. 11 in F minor,  Op. 95

Attacca Quartet - Quartet No. 2 in G Major,  Op. 18, No. 2

Afiara String Quartet - Quartet No. 14 in C-sharp minor,  Op. 131


2 pm - Program Two - SOLD OUT

Ying Quartet - Quartet No. 4 in C minor,  Op. 18, No. 4

American String Quartet - Quartet No. 7 in F Major,  Op. 59, No. 1

Ying Quartet - Quartet No. 15 in A minor,  Op. 132


4 pm - Program Three - SOLD OUT

Parker Quartet - Quartet No. 3 in D Major,  Op. 18, No. 3

Alumni of Perlman Music Program - Quartet No. 10 in E-flat Major,  Op. 74

American String Quartet - Quartet No. 13 in B-flat Major,  Op. 130 (with Grosse Fuge)


6 pm - Program Four - SOLD OUT

Amphion String Quartet - Quartet No. 6 in B-flat Major,  Op. 18, No. 6

Cecilia String Quartet - Quartet No. 8 in E minor,  Op. 59, No. 2

Orion String Quartet - Quartet No. 12 in E-flat Major, Op. 127


8 pm - Program Five - SOLD OUT

Students from The Juilliard School - Quartet No. 5 in A Major,  Op. 18, No. 5

Jasper String Quartet - Quartet No. 9 in C major,  Op. 59, No. 3

Orion String Quartet - Quartet No. 16 in F Major,  Op. 135