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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Afiara String Quartet Afiara String Quartet (Frank Wang)


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On Sunday, Nov. 18 starting at 12 pm, hear all of Beethoven’s string quartets in a special day-long marathon at The Jerome L. Greene Performance Space.

The Orion Quartet, the Amphion Quartet, the Attacca Quartet, the Jasper Quartet and other notable Beethoven interpreters perform.

Last year’s piano sonata marathon was one of the highlights of Beethoven Awareness Month. This year's marathon is webcast live on (the video player is below) and broadcast on WQXR.

Midge Woolsey (morning) and Bill McGlaughlin (evening) host this year's marathon.

Below is the full schedule:

Starting at 12 pm and continuing throughout the day, the marathon mixes and matches Beethoven's early, middle and late quartets. Those wishing to attend the performances can purchase a day pass; two-hour passes are sold out.

Note: The live stream has concluded for The Beethoven String Quartet Marathon. The performance has been archived in it's entirety.


Program and Performers

12pm - Program One - SOLD OUT

Afiara String Quartet - Quartet No. 1 in F Major,  Op. 18, No. 1

Amphion String Quartet - Quartet No. 11 in F minor,  Op. 95

Attacca Quartet - Quartet No. 2 in G Major,  Op. 18, No. 2

Afiara String Quartet - Quartet No. 14 in C-sharp minor,  Op. 131


2 pm - Program Two - SOLD OUT

Ying Quartet - Quartet No. 4 in C minor,  Op. 18, No. 4

American String Quartet - Quartet No. 7 in F Major,  Op. 59, No. 1

Ying Quartet - Quartet No. 15 in A minor,  Op. 132


4 pm - Program Three - SOLD OUT

Parker Quartet - Quartet No. 3 in D Major,  Op. 18, No. 3

Alumni of Perlman Music Program - Quartet No. 10 in E-flat Major,  Op. 74

American String Quartet - Quartet No. 13 in B-flat Major,  Op. 130 (with Grosse Fuge)


6 pm - Program Four - SOLD OUT

Amphion String Quartet - Quartet No. 6 in B-flat Major,  Op. 18, No. 6

Cecilia String Quartet - Quartet No. 8 in E minor,  Op. 59, No. 2

Orion String Quartet - Quartet No. 12 in E-flat Major, Op. 127


8 pm - Program Five - SOLD OUT

Students from The Juilliard School - Quartet No. 5 in A Major,  Op. 18, No. 5

Jasper String Quartet - Quartet No. 9 in C major,  Op. 59, No. 3

Orion String Quartet - Quartet No. 16 in F Major,  Op. 135


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So Bill McGlaughlin got kinda overexcited. Me too. Awash in Beethoven strings since 2 pm. OK.

Nov. 18 2012 10:23 PM
Meredith from nyc

i've loved Beethoven for 50 years plus, but never got into the string quartets. I do love arch duke trio, but the quartets need more getting used to. They are rarely played on radio. Listening to this marathon several times today, I must say I'm learning something about this music and getting more acclimated. So if you play them now and then in your regular programs, instead of avoiding them it help listeners.

Nov. 18 2012 09:42 PM
Stefan Skoog from Sweden

Thanks for this wonderful music.
So refreshing.

Nov. 18 2012 07:43 PM

The music is wonderful. The performers are fantastic. Midge Woolsey was a perfect host. Bill M -- not so much. Less is more, Bill. Let the music speak for itself. (And really, have you never encountered an all-female SQ?) Anyway small complaint -- thanks for the broadcast & webcast!

Nov. 18 2012 07:10 PM
Rustam from Moscow

I Wish I could be there.
Thank You!..

Nov. 18 2012 03:48 PM
HiDe from CA

I really wish be there GS but watching from California...

Nov. 18 2012 12:45 PM

@Anthony - there will indeed be a webcast on Sunday on this page. There are also a few remaining tickets left if you're in NYC and would like to attend any of it.

@Robert - David's suggestion is a good one. Another option is "Inside Beethoven’s Quartets" a 2008 book by the members of the Juilliard Quartet. For short synopses of individual quartets, the website is a fine reference point.

Nov. 16 2012 09:41 AM
Anthony Lopez from East Rutherford, NJ

I wish there was a live stream like last year :(

Nov. 15 2012 09:09 AM
Kenneth Bennett Lane, Lake Hiawatha, NJ from Richard Wagner

Beethoven's symphonies, opera, concertos, sonatas, string quartets, overtures, chamber music generally ,and song literature, is so pervasive and his world consciousness and basic humanity construct an icon unparalleled to and past his own era. At Juilliard, I studied his oeuvre and , in those days, all singers learned the concert rep of Beethoven , Schubert , Schumann, Wolf and Grieg, whether they would be opera singers or concert singers . So much of our treasured masterpiece, vocal and instrumental, are unknown quantities to most Americans. THANK YOU WQXR FOR CELEBRATING BEETHOVEN !!! Beethoven's symphonies are the ABCs of most essential single composers' oeuvre of the symphonic literature. Who ever having heard the Waldstein well performed can ever forget its beauty and nuanced scope of emotions. Wagner and his contemporaries and their successors all recognized the epic achievement of Beethoven. I am a romantischer Wagnerian heldentenor and director of the Richard Wagner Music Drama Institute at 418A Main Street, Boonton, NJ . I have sung four solo concerts in the Isaac Stern Auditorium of Carnegie Hall. As part of my Ten Language Solo Debut concert at the Isaac Stern Auditorium of Carnegie Hall, I sang the Gott ! welch dunkel hier ! aria of Fidelio. it can be heard from the live performance on my three websites, one of which is It received rave critical notices in newspapers and magazines. Rudolf Serkin and his son, Peter are among those other great interpreters of Beethoven's piano concertos and sonatas, Artur Rubinstein, Vladimir Horowitz, Walter Gieseking, ignace Paderewvski and Simon Barere, remarkable for their virtuosity, and immense ability to interpret from their own perspective. The Beethoven violin concerto is celebrated by its ardent interpreters Heifetz, Menuhin, Perlman, Isaac Stern, Milstein and Elman.

Nov. 12 2012 07:53 PM
david moran from outside boston

There is much to read, but the best place to start is the 'Beethoven Quartet Companion', eds Winter and Martin, which is made up chiefly of the notes of Michael Steinberg. It is just immensely helpful and insightful, and not too heavy-going for lay readers and listeners.

Nov. 11 2012 07:34 PM
Robert Ross

Any suggestions for what to read before the marathon to enhance the listening experience?


Nov. 11 2012 09:34 AM

It sounds wonderful; alas many would-be NYC marathoners will be running in the Philadelphia marathon on the 18th.

Nov. 10 2012 10:38 AM


The Jerome L. Greene Performance Space is in Soho at 44 Charlton Street New York, NY 10014. Here's its website:

Nov. 09 2012 10:58 AM
flora klein

Where is the greene space located?

Nov. 08 2012 02:39 PM

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