Saturday Morning Cartoons: What's Ludwig Up To Today?

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Beethoven’s Symphony No. 1 in C Major, Op. 21 is the featured music in this Saturday's cartoon. Music from the finale is used, along with the Fifth Symphony’s famous four-note motive, in the theme music for "Ludwig," a British series of animated short films made in the 1970s by Mirek and Peter Lang. Ludwig is an egg shaped, mechanical creature who loves Beethoven’s music.

Here is a description from Ludwig comes from, “who knows where. But he has decided to stay in this neck of the woods and conduct experiments on the residents ... He is here, sent (perhaps) by Martians. From his cavernous egg shaped body he produces everyday objects, mostly discarded or lost by children. In an attempt to understand what these objects are, he presents them to the animal residents to observe what they will make of them. He then takes out a musical instrument and plays his beautiful, pastoral music."

This episode is titled “Ludwig the Photographer”: