Tchaikovsky’s The Enchantress from Moscow

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In Tchaikovsky’s fascinating drama The Enchantress, the title character is a brazen seductress who eventually finds redemption in true love, but in the process brings tragedy to an entire family. Tchaikovsky struggled with the complexities of the plot, yet brought the story to life with some of his most brilliant music.

This production of The Enchantress comes from a legendary venue that's emblematic of Russian theater, the Bolshoi in Moscow. Soprano Anna Nechaeva stars as the title character, with tenor Eduard Martynyuk and baritone Vladislav Sulimsky as the father and son, respectively, who both fall in love with her.


Conductor: Alexander Lazarev

Kuma: Anna Nechaeva (soprano)

Yuri: Eduard Martynyuk (tenor)

Prince Nikita: Vladislav Suliomsky (baritone)

Princess: Elena Manistina (mezzo-soprano)

Mamïrov: Vyacheslav Pochapsky (bass)

Kudma: Andrei Arkhipov (baritone)

Bolshoi Opera Orchestra and Chorus