Q2 Music's Second Annual New-Music Countdown

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It's time for Q2 Music's second annual new-music countdown! Last year we asked listeners to vote for their favorite pieces of the 20th and 21st centuries, and, as a result, we had some unexpected visitors for a Q2 Music party. (We're looking at you Gustav, Maurice and Claude!) This year we're trying something different.

Between now and Christmas Day, vote for your favorite classical music from the last 100 years — in other words, music that was composed on or after January 1, 1913 — and we'll bring the year to a close with your top choices during a marathon countdown.

Below you can vote for up to five of your favorite pieces. Curious about last year's winners? Check out the results of our 2011 New-Music Countdown as well as WQXR's 2011 Classical Countdown.

Pundit's Note: Last year's runaway victor and would-be perennial powerhouse, Igor Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring (composed between 1911-1913) is already entering its final year of eligibility! Will the reigning champion go out on top?

Also: We may mention some of your choices online. If you would like to be identified, please leave your name or your Twitter handle in the last box below.


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