Chanukah Special: At the Keshet Eilon String Mastercourse

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Continuing a Young Artists Showcase Chanukah tradition, we return to the Keshet Eilon String Mastercourse in Israel, which, like the Young Artists Showcase, is in search for the best young talent.

To start, Keshet faculty pianist Dan Deutsch accompanies cellist Michal Beck in the first movement of Brahms’ Sonata in E Minor. The program continues with violinist Lea Birringer playing Hindemith’s Sonata in D, followed by Bizet's Carmen Fantasy performed on viola by Dana Zemtsov.

The line up also incorporates ensemble pieces such as the Dvorak Miniatures and Toccata by Prokofiev. For an orchestral finale, the full Keshet Eilon Ensemble joins together to close the program – without a conductor – with Prayer for Peace from the John Williams score to the film "Munich."

Program details:
*faculty artist

Brahms: Sonata in E Minor, first movement      
— Michal Beck, cello; Dan Deutsch, piano*

Hindemith: Sonata in D, first movement   
— Lea Birringer, violin; Eugenia Lakernik, piano*

Bizet/Waxman: Carmen Fantasy      
— Dana Zemtsov, viola; Irina Zheleznova, piano*

Dvorak: Miniatures
— Shmuel Ashkenasi*, Chloe Kiffer, violin; Woon Joo Park, viola           

Prokofiev (arr. Atar Arad): Toccata           
— Sergei Pospelov, David Lakirovich, violin; Atar Arad*, Tzeng-ing Wu, viola; Daniel Zlatkin, Rebecca Herman, cello

John Williams: Prayer for Peace              
— Keshet Eilon Ensemble