On-Demand Audio: JACK Quartet's 'Modern Medieval'

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On Dec. 16, in the Metropolitan Museum of Art's storied Medieval Sculpture Hall, new-music mainstay JACK Quartet offered "Modern Medieval" – a program fusing original string arrangements of medieval music with quiet, spacious contemporary pieces, including two world premieres from Michael Harrison and Sasha Zamler-Carhart.

Above is the archived audio of the complete performance.



Rorate Caeli (Gregorian chant used during Advent, arr. by Kevin McFarland) 

Michael HarrisonChant (world premiere)

Guillaume DufayMoribus et genere (arr. by John Pickford Richards) 

Sasha Zamler-CarhartThe St. Francis String Quartets (world premiere) 

Rodericus: Angelorum Psalat (arr. by Christopher Otto) 

Caleb Burhans: Contritus