Women at Work

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Pipedreams puts the focus on female practitioners of the organ art, featured as recital soloists and composers (sometimes simultaneously).

Program details:

JOHN WEAVER: Toccata. CHELSEA CHEN: Taiwanese Suite (2003). MARCEL DUPRÉ: Prelude & Fugue in g, Op. 7, no. 3 –Chelsea Chen (2003 Blackinton/Benson Great Hall, Bethel University, Saint Paul, MN) Pipedreams Archive (r. 10/8/10).

HENRY MARTIN: Preludes & Fugues (No. 6 in f#; No. 5 in A) –Isabelle Demers (2005 Glatter-Götz-Rosales/Augustana Lutheran Church, West Saint Paul, MN) Pipedreams Archive (r. 11/5/10).

LOUIS VIERNE: Impromptu (No. 2), fr Pieces de fantasie, Op. 54. STEPHEN PAULUS: Blithely Breezing Along, fr Baronian Suite –Marilyn Keiser (2005 Dobson/Verizon Hall, Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts, Philadelphia, PA) Pipedreams Archive (r. 11/5/11).