Journeys Through Sound

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"Self Referentials Vols 1 & 2" is the third release in three years from composer and multi-instrumentalist Alexander Berne. The multi-layered tracks, using instruments from all over the world, all performed by Berne, often jump quickly from one soundscape to another, and then another.

The sounds of individual instruments are deconstructed and manipulated to great expressive effect on "Corpo di Terra", an album of solos and duos composed by Suzanne Farrin. Each work on the album, with the exception of Time is a Cage for solo violin, was inspired by a different Petrarch poem. An excellent assembly of new-music specialists appear on the disc, including harpist Nuiko Wadden, clarinetist Josh Rubin and violinist Cal Wiersma.

Béla Bartók is the subject of one of the latest releases from 20C, a series of recordings of 50 key works by 50 important composers of the 20th century. The album features three of his virtuosic and folk-infused orchestral works, Music for Strings Percussion and Celesta, Concerto for Orchestra and Dance Suite, performed by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and conducted by Bartók expert Sir Georg Solti.