(Not So) Lonesome Roads - New American Chamber Music

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Our album of the week is "Lonesome Roads", an album of lyrical chamber music with interjections of jazz and minimalism by the young American composer Dan Visconti.  Most of the pieces are impeccably rendered by the Scharoun Ensemble and other members of the Berlin Philharmonic. The titular and most recent composition on the album is performed by the Horszowski Trio.

"Chamber Works for Oboe" is the result of a 20-year-long collaborative relationship between composer Thea Musgrave and oboist Nicholas Daniel. Daniel is the perfect interpreter for Musgrave's dramatic music, and the timbre of the oboe is especially suited to her eerier compositions, from the recently-composed Night Windows to Niobe, which was written long before the two met.

A new release from the Boston Modern Orchestra Project features six concertos by Thomas Oboe Lee conducted by Gil Rose. The piano concerto, Mozartiana, is tailor-made for Robert Levin's clear, impeccably classical tone. Another stand-out piece, Flauta Carioca, featuring flutist Sarah Brady, is heavily influenced by the music of Brazil, where Lee lived for six years.  The album also includes concertos for oboe, harp, violin and cello.