Expanding American Minimalism

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Though Philip Glass has not written a single work for solo harp, his trademark harmonic simplicity and pianistic sensibilities make his music well-suited to the instrument. Dutch harpist Lavinia Meijer transcribed all of the pieces on "Glass: Metamorphosis" herself, and performs them with sensitivity and clarity.

Danish pianist Ole Kiilerich brings his virtuosic talents to a new recording of Frederic Rzewski’s THE PEOPLE UNITED WILL NEVER BE DEFEATED. Kiilerich’s performance highlights the huge musical range encompassed in Rzewski’s 36 variations, based on one of the most famous tunes from the New Chilean Song movement.

Our album of the week, "Simple Songs" by percussionist Doug Perkins, contains five new takes on ‘simple music’ by younger generations of American composers. The compositions on the album form a pleasing spectrum of sounds, including Tristan Perich’s one-bit drones, David Lang’s melancholy glockenspiel and Nathan Davis’s mysterious, buzzing mbira.