Download: Julia Holter, Laurel Halo & Daniel Wohl with Transit

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On Feb. 23, Los Angeles-based experimental pop artist Julia Holter, singer-songwriter Laurel Halo and Brooklyn-based electroacoustic composer Daniel Wohl joined new-music ensemble Transit for an evening of premieres and collaboration as part of the Ecstatic Music Festival at Merkin Concert Hall.

The evening often unfolded as ambient clouds of sound that blurred the lines between composition and improvisation. Field recordings and the pointillistic entrances of Transit – a quintet of piano, violin, cello, clarinet and percussion – colored the resonant vocals of Holter and Halo with expressive impact.

Holter, Halo and Wohl met several times over the last few months to compose the music, which blended traditional notation with textures that progressed through a series of cues dictated by one of the three composers. The result was a sound that drew freely from the worlds of contemporary classical, ambient electronica, drone and even bar band music.

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