Wagner's Parsifal

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French-Canadian director Francois Girard directs a modern staging of Parsifal, Wagner's last great project. Wagner envisioned this opera as a work of consecration for the stage at Bayreuth and he intended it to be performed only there. While his wish was honored for a number of years after his death, it has since become an epic undertaking for international opera companies.

The story is drawn from the legends of the Holy Grail, as transformed by medieval poets. It is full of religious overtones, from the evil Klingsor and his magic domain to Parsifal's (Jonas Kaufmann) acts of compassion to win salvation for the suffering Amfortas (Peter Mattei), the humble Kundry (Katarina Dalayman) and the fellowship of the Holy Grail.

Conductor: Daniele Gatti

Kundry: Katarina Dalayman

Parsifal: Jonas Kaufmann

Amfortas: Peter Mattei

Klingsor: Evgeny Nikitin

Gurnemanz: René Pape