Listen: Joseph C. Phillips, Jr. & Imani Uzuri with Numinous

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On Mar. 16, vocalist-composer Imani Uzuri joined genre-crossing composer Joseph C. Phillips, Jr. and his Numinous ensemble for a concert featuring new works written for the Ecstatic Music Festival at Merkin Concert Hall.

Joseph C. Phillips Jr.'s Changing Same exists at the cross section of contemporary classical music and Phillips's heritage and interest in black popular music and culture. Phillips cites the music of Curtis Mayfield, Bach, Donny Hathaway, Prince and Gustav Holst as part of the amalgamation of influences that make up the music's sound. Phillips, the founder of Numinous Ensemble, plans to release the work on New Amsterdam Records. Read program notes for Changing Same.

Set 1: Changing Same

The music of Imani Uzuri draws from a wide range of influences, from her rural Carolina roots to North African and Eastern European folk Music. For Placeless, Uzuri draws from African-American spirituals, psalms, and the poetry of Sufi mystic Rumi, using everything from the evocative sounds of throat singing to Tibetan mantras and operatic, blues-twinged vocal melismas. Featuring Uzuri, Numinous and multiple guest vocalists, the work's eclectic mix of genre and source explores themes of home and place. Read program notes for Placeless.

The evening closed with the world premiere of Awe and Humility, a new five-movement composition co-written by Uzuri and Philips.

Set 2: Placeless and Awe and Humility

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Joseph C. Phillips Jr.: Changing Same
1. 19
2. Behold the Only Thing Greater than Yourself
3. Miserere
4. The Most Beautiful Magic
5. Alpha Man
6. Unlimited

Imani Uzuri: Placeless

1. Evenly Yoked
2. Hush Arbor 
3. Shall Guide Me
4. My Place Is Placeless

Joseph C. Phillips Jr. and Imani Uzuri: Awe and Humility

1. Es Stehen Unbeweglich
2. Peonies
3. Present
4. Serendipity
5. Follow Your Bliss