Helga Davis Finds Broken Things in 'The Best for the Worst'

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This is the third of five episodes in a series called The Best for the Worst which streams Fridays at 3 pm beginning Mar. 8 on Q2 Music. The Best for the Worst presents readings from The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook and insights from Einstein on the Beach principal Davis herself along with a soundtrack of illustrative, dynamic new music. This week's episode: "Broken Things."

Host Helga Davis writes:

It's week three. By now we know that in order to survive we must take a leap of faith, often into the unknown. Last week we asked and answered the question, "What happens when you leap and get lost?"

This week we've leapt and landed or, had something land on us...

Whatever the scenario we learn that our flesh and bones, and even our hearts are mere minions in a long line of Broken Things.

Let’s listen…

Scenarios excerpted from The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook by Joshua Piven and David Borgenicht, Copyright © 1999 Quirk Productions, Inc.


Julia Wolfe - Lick
Christopher Tignor - A List of Things to Light on Fire
Sekou Sundiata - Days Going By In Broken English
Peter Broderick - Music for Falling from Trees, parts 5 and 7
Mick Rossi - Lab Rat
Robert Een - Broken Waltz
Wynton Marsalis - Dark Heartbeat
Kenji Bunch - Broken Music
Frank Zappa - Put a Motor In Yourself