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Five Great Bach Guitar Shredding Videos

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In bedrooms and living rooms around the world there are amateur rock guitarists who cut their teeth on classical music. Bach's music stands as a favorite for young guitar nerds. With his endless melodic lines that require virtuosic technique, Bach's compositions are often a perfect storm of opportunity for rock guitarists to showcase their talents and geek out.

Here are five examples of Bachian guitar shredding, some famous and some amateur. Long Live Bach!

Yngwie Malmsteen threw Bach into his solo 2 minutes in: 

Everyone in the band must have long hair: 

Best. Backdrops. Ever. 

Paul Gilbert from Racer X – worth it because he says he learned this from the Well-Tempered Clavier by EAR! 

A duet for the Double Violin Concerto. The head is cropped out to assure anonymity: 


Do you have a favorite Bach guitar video? Share it in the comments box below.